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CTO Founders Miami 2019

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You have an idea for an App that will change the world.  Awesome you’re an entrepreneur! Your App will change the world but more importantly, it’s because you experienced a problem personally or that others are having and the only way you see to help is to create this App is building a team.


Dynamic Business Pitching and Networking to connect with CEOs, CTOs, web developers, founders, coders, UI/UX designers, investors, entrepreneurs, college students, and others to build your team at the events. This is your space to connect.

Rita das Mittal
Co-Founder COO

Social Philanthropist invested in advancement of Arts, Education, Healthcare & Technology for economic empowerment of students and entrepreneurs in USA & India; especially in South Florida.
Speaker, moderator and business consultant. Experienced in multinational corporate management in television, advertising, international marketing and entrepreneurship in NYC, Miami and Mumbai.

Jorge L. Ramirez
Co-Founder CEO

His passion for technology, real estate and helping others has been a life long journey having worked various roles in different companies. Two prior internet startups nonstopbackup.com and shopimar.com. His start in real estate in 1989 and now again since 2015 and tech space has led him to concentrate his efforts on his third global startup iConci.com a platform for local buying, selling and renting real estate.

Angel Lacret
Co-Founder CTO

Computer Engineer since 2007, doing Web an Mobile Software Development for more than 15 years.

Co-Founder of Cobuild Lab, a Software Development Company focusing on working with non-technical entrepreneurs to create and deliver new products to the market.

Founder and Organizer of Miami Software Developers meetup a Software Development Community focused on increasing and improving the skills of novice developers in Miami.

CTO Founders Miami August 2019 Launch Testimonials

Observation from entrepreneur point of view

Observation from entrepreneur point of view Most local Startups and entrepreneurs solve their tech needs,finding CTO’s programmers, coders, etc.   ..outsourcing, not using/hiring local talent


"I think its been, Super Amazing"


A conversation with Women Global Entrepreneurs

We will talk about  opportunities and pitfalls in hiring for startups with Julie Sharma Co-founder & Chief Evangelist, of  #mediation.live and Rita Das Mittal, CEO and Founder, INMARG.co.
Venture Cafe Miami
6:00pm to 8:00pm
1951 Northwest 7th Avenue#600Miami, FL 33136
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